Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Day Before The Turkey

So, still learning how to do this blog thingie. Went and picked up my oldest last night so I have both my girls for the holiday. My uncle is coming to town and since it's easier, we are eating out at a restaurant. The hoilidays haven't been the same since my Gram passed away 3 years ago( this Dec. 20th). She always did the cooking and we went to the farm for Thanksgiving. We all miss her and the food. I miss her everyday.

Started working on some xmas ornies for gifts. I want to make a chart of Jack Skellington for my oldest, I haven't found a pattern online so I guess its up to me. Of course if anyone has a website or link to share that would be very appreciated. I am also doing a Minnie mouse for my youngest. Money is very tight since I am unemployed at the moment. Makes this a stressful time of year, but at least I have my cross stitch and other crafts to help with that!

Need to make a run to the store for a few things, yes, i must be nuts, to do it the day befoere Thanksgiving, but these girls tend to eat me out of house and home sometimes! Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends!
Maybe I will have a few pics to share next post of my projects....maybe...

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