Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stitchy Fingers..

Wow, two posts in just as many days- there must be something wrong with me....haha.

Just wanted to do a quick post to show what I've been working on. I've had to force myself to do the housework (blech) cause all I seem to want to do is curl up with a comfy blanket and stitch. Not a horrible thing but the darn house brownies are on strike and the laundry won't do itself.

This is my progress so far on my Halloween SAL ornie. I know it won't take long to finish but I haven't decided how I want to finish finish it. Need to look thru my craft junk supplies to see what I have for ribbon, etc. Sorry about the lighting- the fabric is actually a much brighter yellow.

The other piece I have been working on is a Valentine one and I can't remember where I printed this out from, but I know its a blog I like to visit. Instead of using regular floss I decided to use some DMC flower thread that I have had hoarded stashed away for years. They don't make it anymore and I always wanted to use it. I'm doing this on some linen I found in my stash but don't know the count since it wasn't in a package but a plastic bag with other odds and ends. I'm not the most organized of crafters, lol.
Not the best photographer apparently either :P Oh well, I try.
Hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm. I'm off to look for something to stitch for an exchange. This should be fun...send a search party if I don't blog in a few days...


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Stitching

Yes, I still live...

Been awhile since I posted. Having a hard time on my new meds- this week was especially hard. This med seems to work too well, my blood sugars keep dropping too low, too much, and trying to stitch while your hands are shaking terribly doesn't work! Calling the doctor Monday- oh joy :P

I managed to kit up some projects finally and I plan on working on them everyday this month. I want to see if I can keep motivated on making some finishing progress. I will try to post my progress as well so people can see what I am up to.

Don't have cable anymore so today will be spent sitting and rocking in my Gram's wicker rocker and stitching. Maybe a few movies involved too. Wish I could see the commercials but I know they will end up on Youtube so I can see them then. After the week I had the quiet time will be nice. My youngest is on the xbox in the living room and seems content. I think something easy for dinner and all will be happy.

I bought this basket to use in the kitchen but not even 2 min. on the counter and Taz claimed it as his own. He now curls up in it all the time to snooze. I would be irritated with him but he looks too darn cute!

Is it spring yet?? I am so tired of being cold and stitching with fingerless gloves isn't easy, but my darn hands get so frozen...brrrrrr. I am working on my next ornie for the Halloween SAL. This months theme is black cats. Also, I joined the Stitched With Love exchange and am looking forward to doing that. Its my first one ever and it will be nice to make some new friends :)

Well, off to get a cup of tea and curl back up in my nest to stitch. Till next rant blog..

Stay Warm   ~Nicole~