Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is it finally spring???

I know its been a month since my last post but life has been  very up and down. Still dealing with health issues and because of a mailing mishap I haven't had health insurance for 3 weeks now. So I haven't been able to get a few of my meds that have run out cause I can't pay full price for them. Still looking for work as well and that is still an ongoing major stressful situation for me.

My youngest turned 13 at the end of March. Officially a teenager now. More like 13 going on 30. Love her to pieces but she is responsible for most of my (colored) gray hair. She is off to see her dad for the rest of her spring break so at least I get a bit of breathing room. I will miss her after a few days, I always do.
My oldest is here as well for break so I will enjoy some one on one time with her. She turns 18 in May and then graduates in June. Then off to college. Where did the time go?? I swear it was just yesterday she was toddling around the house.

I have been doing some stitching and have some finishes to show for it. Just need to take some pictures so I can post them but the days have been cloudy lately and my house tends to be dark. Hopefully by weeks end I can get them done.

I'm sure everyone is upset as much as I am about the bombings in Boston. I won't say much here since it is everywhere on the web anyway, just that my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this senseless tragedy. What has this world come to???
It might be cloudy and rainy here today, but the robin's are telling me that spring is here finally. I was so sick of winter and I can't wait till I can get outside and get some flowers going. I hope wherever you are that the sun is shining and all the trees and flowers are blooming.
Till next time, stay happy and healthy.


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